How does the Mindsuite work?

Frameworks that work for businesses, communities and not-for-profits. Infinitely customizable within each framework.

Data points per client
Deep Dives
Easy Steps

It's simple.

There are 3 core challenges the Mindsuite technology eliminates; complexity, silos, and bureaucracy.

It starts with a Checkup.

The Checkup is a diagnostic tool that identifies areas that matter most to your participants. Perception is coloured by numerous cognitive biases that are difficult to recognize, let alone change. Data is fair and impartial – and has no blind spots. Now offering the Pandemic Checkup, a specialized diagnosis of how the pandemic has impacted your people.

Your people co-create the agenda.

Our tools don’t have rigid parameters. When we work with a group, participants set the agenda. This drives engagement - people feel as though they are being heard and can steer their future in the desired direction. True collaboration starts with setting the agenda, together.

Then we do a deep dive into the variables that matter.

We cast a 360° net. We capture thousands of data points: suppliers, customers, members, partners, voters and others, as the case may be, are brought in. Most importantly, we are open to the results we see. If the data shows a concern in a certain area, it is always worth exploring.

We provide solutions to address those variables.

So you've discovered there's a health and wellness issue - or perhaps your culture is toxic. What now? We have programs & tools - a vast library of solutions - at your fingertips. Better yet, the Mindsuite dashboard shows how effective the solutions are at reaching your desired goals, so you can adjust course in real-time.

We're with you every step of the way.

The Mindsuite is best used as an ongoing measurement tool. Our technology is foundational. Much like iOS or android are operating systems for phones, the Mindsuite is the operating system for humans. Countless high-achieving leaders have been surprised by what they learned with our tools. Where are your blind spots?

Unlock the power of people using the Mindsuite.